Government and the Economy

Government's view of the economy should be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.

-Ronald Reagan (1986)

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An excellent quote.

An excellent quote. Unfortunately, such quotes were just about the only means by which Reagan demonstrated his ostensible free market sentiments. I understand Ah-nold likes to tip to Adam Smith, as well.

Just last night, I saw a speech by a neocon senator from Virginia (obviously either a neocon or a Christian conservative, since he had on a navy suit and power tie, and had a stick up his ass) to a black conservative PAC. He quoted Reagan on "every dollar not taxed," etc., to uproarious applause--and immediately proceeded to enumerate his laundry list of spending proposals. Of course, that included using the federal government as a social engineering agency to impose "conservative" social values on the states.

He began one sentence with a disclaimer on the prerogatives of local school boards and parents in setting educational policy. I ticked off the seconds until he reached the inevitable "but." And sure enough it came, in the form of federal promotion of school choice.

Another big item on his agenda was promoting equal opportunity in education through universal broadband access. Central to his advocacy was the fact that computer literacy was essential to so many jobs. Aha! In other words, government spending to subsidize the personnel training costs of business.

Neocons love to spout "free market" and "small government" rhetoric. But scratch the surface, and you find a "national greatness" or "big government" conservative.

I think Reagan was the

I think Reagan was the ultimate sound-bite president. He always had something to say to the press, and what he said was infinitely quotable and occassionally witty. Obviously that doesn't speak to his economic policies at all. Even so he's been the best president (in terms of progress towards a free market) to be in office in my lifetime. But I'm young, and the bar hasn't been set very high has it?

Haha, the irony of Reagan

Haha, the irony of Reagan saying that.

Kev, If it was a young guy,


If it was a young guy, it's Sen. Allen. If it's an old guy, it's Sen. Warner. It sounds like you're describing Allen.

- Josh, ex-Virginian

Reagan should know -- he

Reagan should know -- he specialized in all three.

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