New Shining Moment

Another Final Four concludes, another sappy yet effective rendition of One Shining Moment fades into memory. We shall not have the privilege to experience its formulaic nostalgia for another year. Long shall the wait be. How I shall yearn to hear it once more.

Yet, over the years, One Shining Moment has lost some of its mushy magic, and not even bringing in Luther Vandross to perform it has stopped the slide. I submit that it is time to take a bold new step and start a brand new tradition with a new song to tug at the limber heart strings of college baskeball fans everywhere.

As a child of the 80's, I do cheese well. So it is with gotta-wear-shades optimism that I present my candidates for the new Final Four winner theme song.

  • Winning it All - The Outfield. Sung by the most American sounding British band in history, it celebrates the determination of the victor with a characteristically 80's Britpop sound that dominated the FM airwaves of my dual tape-deck youth.

  • You've Got the Touch - Stan Bush. From the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack, this never-say-die track extolls robust dynamism in big screen mech-warrior form. Autobots Roll!

  • Burning Heart - Survivor. From the Rocky IV soundtrack, overshadowed but not outdone by its better known Survivor predecessor Eye of the Tiger from Rocky III, it sets the stage for not just a match between two boxers, but also between two opposing ideologies.

  • Dreams - Van Halen. An underrated, inspirational track from the best Sammy album, it highlights the power of synthesizer intros while lyrically using the metaphor of Icarian flight, perhaps unwisely, to provide motivatation for the pursuit of one's goals in the face of an uncertain future.

  • Something so Strong - Crowded House. This short but potent track from the Finn brothers' best album honors the invisible impetus that moves human lives forward without necessary conscious volition, but rather through the cultivated wisdom that results from new experiences and self-growth.

Clearly, any one of the above songs is worthy to replace One Shining Moment at the end of next season's Final Four. Any further suggestions from readers would be greatly appreciated.

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I wish everybody could

I wish everybody could subsume their primitive tribalistic instincts into spectator sports as thoroughly as you do, Jonathan!

As a resident of Connecticut

As a resident of Connecticut let me point out that UCONN is getting really good at basketball.

(Of course the public funding makes it a statist pink nightmare philosophically.)

Is there any form of

Is there any form of organized spectator sports that does not recieve public funding in the United States, I wonder?

I'm okay with anything by

I'm okay with anything by Laibach.

"Winning it All" came out

"Winning it All" came out in, I think, 1991 or '92, and it was done when the Outfield was reduced to a duo (the drummer having left the band). It kind of fits, since the 80s kind of staggered into the 90s until finally killed off by Nirvana.

Oh, and Dreams is

Oh, and Dreams is transcendant, the pinnacle of Van Hagar achievement. A friend of mine did an anime music video to Dreams, using Gunbuster footage. Phenomenal work...

There will be another

There will be another version of 'one shining moment' tonight at the end of the Women's Championship game (I don't remember if they use the same song or not).

You will be watching won't you?

Did I mention UCONN is

Did I mention UCONN is getting really good at basketball?

Raise your Fists and Yell by

Raise your Fists and Yell by Manowar
Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden
Boys are Back in Town Thin Lizzy

Did I mention UCONN is

Did I mention UCONN is getting really good at basketball?


- Josh

Ah! No Hagar-Van Halen is

Ah! No Hagar-Van Halen is good. It's all bad.

Bad bad bad.

On the plus side, I really like "Something so Strong." The Finn bros are immensely talented. My favorite single song from the brothers, though, was on the Finn Brother's album. "Only Talking Sense" is one of the best songs I've ever heard.

For your purposes, though, it has to be "You've Got the Touch."

Now, me and my Blue Devils loving heart are going to go listen to something more appropriate for the also-rans.

Winning it All was used by

Winning it All was used by the NBA for about five years and for two different Olympics. It's certainly not new to sports but still a very worthy song. The Outfield have a new CD by the way. You can get it at