You're Wrong, George

Increasingly, the state system has been eroding. Terrorists have exploited this weakness by burrowing into the state system in order to attack it. While the state system weakens, no replacement is in sight that can perform the essential functions of establishing an orderly and lawful society, protecting essential freedoms, providing a framework for fruitful economic activity, contributing to effective international cooperation, and providing for the common defense.

- George P. Shultz, former US Secretary of State,
in the Wall Street Journal, registration required

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What else could we expect

What else could we expect from a former Secretary of State?

its like reading Jude

its like reading Jude Wanniski.they are so embroiled in gov't and it's machinations they cannot understand how anything else would work. i really wish people like Shultz, Wanniski, et al would fuck off and leave us all alone.

Whoah. So when are they

Whoah. So when are they gonna get around to spreading some of that state-eroding magic here to Washington state - er, Washington S.S.R. and my little Tacoma Autonomous Oblast? I wait with baited breath.

He's right that no

He's right that no replacement is in sight. What scares people is that they don't realise that they have the ability to create the replacements.

I also have to take issue with the idea that the state system is eroding. The state is alive and well and the dominate, nearly unanimous, worldwide system of law and government.

- Josh

does the title 'Secretary of

does the title 'Secretary of State' not make any freedom loving Americans almost puke at the similarity to the old USSR? i know it makes me.
just that kind of draconian title alone lets you know what level of luncacy your dealing with.

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