Authority on Past Trends

This is the city of TOMORROW--

Express Traffic--
Local Traffic--

--each will be given
a clear path by 1960.

authority on future trends

"When traffic delays and confusion seem hopeless, remember that men of vision are working on the problem. Already traffic engineers are planning city streets and country highways free from stop and go...

"1. Sidewalks will be elevated -- you'll walk and shop ABOVE Main Street, actually cross OVER it.

"2. Local traffic will use the FULL width of the streets below -- no sidewalks, no parked cars. Loading and unloading will be done INSIDE the buildings.

"3. High-speed, long distance traffic will have its own elevated, one-way lanes, no stop lights or intersections.

but TODAY,
4 miles in 5 are
Stop and Go

This is part of an advertisement from 1937, the heyday of Central Planning Fever. Economies could be planned, communities could be planned, right down to the traffic. We might still get stuck in traffic today, but at least we know better than to think that we can plan the details of Utopia.

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I say privatize the whole

I say privatize the whole lot of it.