Situated Software

"Clay Shirky":shirky, a reliable source of "interesting":fileshare and "insightful":weblogs ideas on the "social":grouppolitics impact of software, has just published a new article, "_Situated Software_":ss, in which he examines the implications of the fact that, with the increasing diffusion of programming skills in the general public, and the broad availability of free software tools, almost anybody who cares to can create a custom web application. Especially interesting is what you get "for free" when your application is aimed at a small community that already exists, as opposed to attempting to create a community of arbitrary size via software. It is possible to create useful software, very quickly, when you're not trying to make it universal and timeless.

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I wish I could take credit

I wish I could take credit for the article (actually I don't), but it was so heavily edited I barely recognized it. The original piece was called "Cognitive Psychology and the Economics of Article Selection." After they finished dumbing it down, I believe they changed the title to something (I don't recall now) that I'm not sure I actually agreed with. Of course, no one bothered to run even one of the many, many changes they made by me.

Anyway to add to the small world effect, we had Barnett in the day after you.

Oops. This was intended for

Oops. This was intended for the post previous.