Anti-trust as robbery

Back when the DoJ announced the anti-trust suit against Microsoft I told anyone who would listen that it was revenge for Microsoft not spending enough money on the eastern Washington. Every one of the people who suffered through my diatribe told me I was nuts, even the most hard-core, anti-government ones. Well, it seems that I may have been right after all. Seems Microsoft isn't the only one to be advised to not ignore Washington DC. In fact, the adviser even mentions Microsoft as an example.

The good news for those of you who accused me of being crazy - you are right, but not for this reason!

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I'm not a big fan of Ayn

I'm not a big fan of Ayn Rand, but it's eerie how Washington imitates Atlas Shrugged sometimes - at the beginning of the novel, Hank Rearden ignores warnings to pay attention to Washington, and suffers the consequences.

No corporation that jumps in

No corporation that jumps in bed with the FedGov should be surprised when it eventually turns on them. When you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas.

You think you're crazy? Get

You think you're crazy? Get this:

Yesterday, I spent considerable time attempting to calm the nerves of an old friend who entered the seemingly simple transaction of purchasing a very fine .22 rifle for his son, from Wal-Mart. He'd put the thing on layaway, and was ready to complete the purchase. Couldn't wait to bring it home. He was informed that the deal would be held up for three days after complete payment, for background checks.

Now, Mark is an old-timey simple country sort of American: he believes in doing business, honorably. He's ready to concede Wal-Mart's "policy" in these matters: all he wants is either the rifle or his money back, and he has advice that they should bloody state their "policy" in the clear. He intends to resolve the thing this afternoon.

I told him, "Look, I used to write for a small journal in NYC, and I could call this guy" (the sporting goods department manager) "to tell him that you're an old friend of mine who called me about this thing and ask him what are the facts because I smell a story here. Maybe if I lean on him that much, he'll roll over for you."

Done. We've agreed that he'll call me this afternoon to let me know how it went after he's spoken to the guy.

So... last evening, I was describing this to an elderly woman, who was instantly horrified. "You'd better not do that," she told me. "That's big trouble."

She went on to describe to me a large and dark story of collusion between the local Wal-Mart (in a very depressed upstate New York county), which hires workers at minimum-wage or sometimes even below, and then coaches them through the local welfare game with the active team-work of the bureaucracy in the thing. The two: working together to keep the social-work scam alive. And they won't take kindly to someone writing something not nice like this about Wal-Mart, especially when it comes to the politics of guns in New York State.

What are the facts? How the hell should I know at this point?

She told me, "Just go ask anyone on Main Street. Everybody knows."

I'll tell you this, however: the woman who described this to me is one of those simple country souls of the sort who always know what's going on around town, and I'm not about to dismiss her out of hand.

There are entire communities

There are entire communities living off welfare and religious scams in upstate NY. Like Kiryas Joel. Not only do they get public assistance they also take religious deductions. They vote en-mass so the politicos tolerate them. They have republicans in their pocket. They get preference on all sorts of public works projects. Heck they are even trying make their religions school tax funded. On top of that there are occasional stories breaking of scams they are running:

Voter fraud:

Tax refund fraud:

They have evolved into the ultimate parisites on their fellow humans. They are breeding like rabbits and can't support all the children they produce and thus turn to welfare or is it vice versa:

These are ancestors of refugees from Nazi Germany. Were they pulling these kinds of scams back in the old country?

These folks are feared upstate. No one up there wants to talk about it. Thanks D'mato and Hillary you make all this possible.