Political Refuse


"This is great":pi!

p(quote).. HARRISBURG - On the day Gov. Rendell unveiled his budget to a packed House chamber, Rep. William Rieger voted in favor of all six bills that came up.

But Rieger wasn't there. The Democrat was home on Feb. 3, 100 miles away in Philadelphia.

A wad of paper shoved into his electronic "yea" button atop his desk did the work for him.

p. Personally, I am in favor of replacing *all* state and federal legislators with small wads of crumpled paper.

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I want to see an election

I want to see an election between a wad of paper crumpled into the YEA button and a wad of paper crumped into the NAY button. (Ron Paul's job could probably be done by the latter.)

I heard that Bob Dole used

I heard that Bob Dole used to skip out at the beginning of every Congressional session by propping Strom Thurmond on his "yes" button. True story!

Digamma - it's obvious the

Digamma - it's obvious the crunpled piece of paper on the YEA button would win. They did all the last century, why think this one would be any different?

I officially nominate myself

I officially nominate myself as United States Paper Crumpler and Stuffer.

- Josh