Rainbough\'s Bio

Quick facts about Rainbough Phillips: I'm female. I'm in my early-ish 20's. I grew up in metro Atlanta. I currently live in Austin Texas. I went to UGA for a couple of years -dropped out. I am currently studying to become a massage therapist, and I am an aspiring novelist (sci-fi).

Now on to the interesting stuff. I'm one of those rare but obviously fascinating souls that loosely calls myself an "anarcho-objectivist." "Loosely" because to be most accurate I would have to put "student of" in front of everything and that gets annoying after awhile. I also have a strong interest in natural rights a' la Lysander Spooner with the occasional Lockean influence. However I don't ascribe to many of Locke's ideas, and I haven't studied many more of them.

I like my economics logical and I expect everyone to be reasonable all the time, and for everything that everyone does to make some logical sense. This occasionally gets me into trouble. :wall:

I was a percussionist in high school and as a result I still like to bang on things with various sticks and other implements though I do not often get the chance these days. I truly believe in the inherent worth of every human being - a fact that causes me to get along far better with those who are politically on the left side of the spectrum than those on the right. However I rarely consider democrats to be the "lesser" of two evils (not that I would vote for them if they were).

I'm not afraid to waste a little bit of my time casting a ballot even if it is only on the offhand hope that my vote might add a little something to a movement that may or may not have a real impact for many many years in to the future. I intend to add at least 4 kids of my own to our great and glorious growing world population. My strongest interests are in extropianism, cognitive science, future tech (nano-tech, space tech etc.), and science fiction. I also occasionaly like to write and recite poetry of all kinds - I'm particularly fond of the metered and philosophical stuff. Finally I love the sound of my own voice and I am going to live forever (I'm still gathering evidence to prove this final statement - I'll let you know when I have it all :grin: ).

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