Maybe Abe Foxman Was Right After All...

As were all the other people who feared that Mel Gibson's The Passion would promote violence.

But I don't think they were expecting this:

MARCH 18--Meet Melissa and Sean Davidson. The Georgia couple have been charged with simple battery on each other following a March 11 showing of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." According to a Bullock County Sheriff's Office incident report, the Davidsons left the theater and began debating the movie, which led to an argument about "the mentality of each other's parents." Melissa, 34, then "jumped on Sean, and they started fist fighting." While she suffered injuries to her left arm and face, her 33-year-old husband "had an alleged scissor stab on his hand and his shirt was ripped off." Passion, indeed.

And let us all intone: "Indeed."

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I have a friend who said

I have a friend who said that this incident just goes to show you how religion causes people to do extreme things and is therefore inherently evil. He leans to the "rabidly atheistic"-side so I took his statement with a grain of salt, with one caveat:

This kind of stuff happens at political rallies and protests all the time.

This isn't an example of religion causing strife, it's an example of a deeply troubled couple.