Bob Murphy's <u>Minerva</u>


I am very much enjoying reading Bob Murphy's novel "+Minerva+":minerva, serialized on "Strike the Root":str.

?But there are those,? Tara said, pointing her finger for emphasis, ?who say that this rate of growth is unsustainable. The initial population of 5,000 or so plant workers, has grown to a projected 50,000 by year?s end. What do you say to someone who thinks, frankly, that we?re going to run out of standing room? Where will we put our waste products, Professor Mason??

Tara held up her hands in helplessness. ?Just dump them in the ocean??

?Ms. McClare,? Mason said after a moment?s thought, ?if we extrapolate from current trends, we can conclude with a high degree of probability that I will remain seated here and eventually crap in my pants.?

-- Minerva, Chapter 9

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