Madrid: Who were the victims?

In response to the latest horrific terrorist attack in Madrid, the Beijing Youth Daily provided this explanation for the catastrophe: [Note, however, that there is still some debate whether it was the work of an ETA separatist group or al-Qaeda].

The reason why the Spanish government may have become a target of attack of the al-Qaeda organisation is most likely because its current government has always followed the US closely on the Iraq issue and it is the United States' staunchest ally besides Britain.

The "Spanish government" was attacked?

Interesting choice of words, in that the hundreds of morning commuters - each with their own opinions and viewpoints of world events - are merely considered an extention of government in this blurb.

This isn't to imply that the Beijing Youth Daily, or other media outlets, condone these attacks. However, this is simply a reflection of how terrorism is indeed collectivism of the highest magnitude.

Update - 13 March 3:56 EST:

Spain has arrested five in connection to the bombings, including three Moroccans with possible ties to extremist groups.

During a protest yesterday in Spain, some signs read: "Aznar, it is your fault we are being killed".

This is the kind of distorted blame allocation that is as scary as the physical act of terrorism itself, as it will certainly please - and encourage - the fringe extremists even more.

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Mr. Allen, perhaps the

Mr. Allen, perhaps the article was subtly editorialized to reflect someone's beliefs that since terrorism is often described as deliberate violence against civilians in order to enact political change, the "real" target of the attack was the political establishment via proxy.

Not that I disagree with you, though.

Not that it's directly

Not that it's directly relevant, but one of the most chilling "collective" stories I've ever read is Clive Barker's "In the Hills, the Cities", which takes the idea of individuals as merely parts of a whole to a logical (if supernatural) conclusion.

That is way China thinks. It

That is way China thinks. It is for the collective and not the individuals that matters.