Socialist Dear Abby

I recently discovered that most of my immediate family would rather die than live under the socialist system that I've taken on as my moral/political ideal. Will it be unfair of me, once the Revolution comes, to re-educate them at gunpoint, all the while insisting that true liberty only comes by succombing to our mind-opening coercion? What ramifications might this have at post-Revolution reunions/family get-togethers, assuming that families as such even exist under the post-Rev. social paradigm?

When my dad accuses me of advocating a kleptocracy, how can I convince him that his property is not his own and that it is out of a sense of love, not personal gain, that I want it all taken away from him to serve interests that are not his? How can I let my friends and family know that stealing at gunpoint isn't really stealing when it's done with their best interests in mind?

Please help me repair my personal life!

yours sincerely,

Confounded in Clemson

Comrade C in C!

Uncle Rosa feels your pain.

Luckily, President Bush's imminent repeal of the Death Tax provides an antidote.

[Uncle Rosa encourages you to savour, and act upon, the wisdom behind the
NRA slogan "Guns don't kill people, people kill people".]

Shoot and redistribute at will.



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