I Can't Decide Whether This Is Inspiring or Creepy

If you are planning for one year, grow rice. If you are planning for 20 years, grow trees. If you are planning for centuries, grow men.

--Chinese proverb

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Heh. It creeped me out

Heh. It creeped me out because when I read it, I couldn't help thinking about what, say Chairman Mao, might have meant by "growing men."

Qiwi - I think it would only

Qiwi -

I think it would only be "creepy," if I didn't know the growers ala The Matrix.

I rather like it,

I rather like it, myself.

The longest-lasting and strongest improvements to our world are accomplished by building stronger, brighter, braver men. Not that it's easy! Ask any parent at his wits' end with his adolescents. But the payoff is enough to make just about anyone say it was worth it.

Example? I have an eighteen-year-old stepdaughter who, because I encouraged it when she was very young (10), has become a martial arts master -- third-dan black belt in Aikido. Well, a few days ago, she stopped a mugging single-handedly.

The police frowned upon what she did. The beneficiaries of her courage and skill didn't...and neither did I.

Teach your children well. Deflect them from fads and fashions. Give them to understand prudence, justice, and courage. Grow men.

Francis, that brought a

Francis, that brought a little tear to my eye. I hope to be giving birth to and living with free individuals soon, myself. I can't wait to meet them.

Greetings from another

Greetings from another aikidoka. O Sensei would have been extraordinarily proud of her.

- Josh

It seems to me that in order

It seems to me that in order to live for one year it is implied that you should grow "good" rice.