How Vague Can You Get?

I read this article in the Washington Times about CIA Director George J. Tenet warning The Nation that al Qaeda is planning "spectacular attacks":attacks.

Director, when can we expect these attacks?

"I think it's too early to make judgments about what happened to Iraqi arms stockpiles," Mr. Tenet said.

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Would it have been better

Would it have been better for Mr. Tenet to say Al Qaeda was planning non-spectacular attacks?

As far as when we can expect them, if they do their job right, hopefully never. Sadly, no one would ever thank them for something not happening.

We get a warning every few

We get a warning every few months that Al Qaeda is planning "spectacular attacks." The last time, I believe, was in December or early January.

From past observations of the U.S. government's Orange Alert cycle, I've concluded that Al Qaeda's planning of "spectacular attacks" correlates pretty closely with political embarassments to George Bush.

Does that explain the sunspot cycle as well?