Limits of the Welfare State

It's easy for cold, calculating libertarians to advocate privatizing Social Security and welfare, but at a certain point, even I have to say enough is enough. Is nothing sacred anymore? What does it say about a society which is unwilling to provide even the most basic need to one of its members? This just pulls at my heartstrings:

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German court rejected a legal bid on Friday by an unemployed man who wanted the state to provide him with free pornography and trips to brothels because his wife is in Thailand.

The court in the southern town of Ansbach ruled that social services did not extend to satisfying the 43-year-old's sexual needs after he attempted to sue his local welfare office because it had refused to finance his appetite for prostitutes and porn.

"He wanted them to pay for four trips to the brothel a month, eight porn films a month, plus condoms," said court spokesman Peter Burgdorf. "He also wanted some sort of appliance for self-gratification to use when watching porn."

If this doesn't show why we need to have public ownership of the means of reproduction, I don't know what does. Eros and Civilization, indeed.

[via Clayton Cramer]

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There truly are no limits to

There truly are no limits to entitlement once one starts down the slippery slope or forced redistribution of wealth for "needs".