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Bryan Caplan's "Libertarian Purity Test" has been revived and is making its way around the blogosphere. Don't miss out on the fun.

160 out of 160 here. Bring on the ridicule.

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108 for me.

108 for me.

157. Collateral damage *can*

157. Collateral damage *can* be OK.

What ridicule? Super score!

What ridicule? Super score! I got a 147.

I'm no Micha, I got 153. On

I'm no Micha, I got 153.

On the plus side, I beat Lew Rockwell by a snazzy 2 points.

It is nice having a

It is nice having a reference point (however flawed it might be) to see how others gauge the necessity of the state.

I got a 160, but could probably be argued down to 150-155 or so.

Hmm. Maybe I was

Hmm. Maybe I was overthinking the questions, maybe I need to be straightened out on what constitutes a "government" (like are we talking all the down to city governments, etc.?), maybe the questions were suggesting things in the very long rather than the short term... but I got an 89. (The first time, I got an 80.)
And frankly I'm kind of at a loss as to how one could score above about 140 on this thing and not be either totally nuts or joking, but I probably just haven't been reading y'all's blog long enough... :-9

I fell in the middle of this

I fell in the middle of this range...

51-90 points: "You are a medium-core libertarian, probably self-consciously so. Your friends probably encourage you to quit talking about your views so much."

159, with small caveats. #55

159, with small caveats. #55 - "Is all government inherently evil?" - depends on definition; I see SELF government as the only valid form of "government", just as I define "authority" not as a thug with a gun and a license to kill, but as someone who is more qualified in a given field of knowledge than most other individuals. I decided that the definition being used was probably something more akin to individuals attempting to operate as a State. And #56 - "Is government an unnecessary evil?" - I waffle on from day to day. even if we accept the preceding definition of "government", and irregardless of how I parse the "necessary evil" part.

142. It's a sad day when I'm


It's a sad day when I'm the resident sta...oh, hey, Doug Allen wants city-owned fire companies! Get 'im!

Seriously, all government isn't evil. All states are, but that's something else.

I think vouchers are worse than government schools.

You could bomb civilians by accident and it wouldn't be murder, just manslaughter.

The Supreme Court should strike down some economic regulation as unconstitutional, but clearly not all of it. The Constitution does give the Congress power over commerce among the states.

- Josh, statist anarcho-capitalist

95 here. Of course, I'm a

95 here. Of course, I'm a fairly recent convert. (Wait, that means I should be even more fervent in my belief, right?)

104 *Sniff* I didn't get

104 *Sniff*

I didn't get question #25: Are you against national service? Involuntary? Absolutely! Voluntary? What do I care what someone does with their "service"?