It's a Small World

Did you know that Friedrich von Hayek, Austrian economist, political philosopher, and legal and psychological theorist extraordinaire was also the cousin of Ludwig Wittgenstein, considered by many to be greatest philosopher of the 20th century?

Hayek also had a close personal and professional relationship with the philosopher Karl Popper. Wittgenstein and Popper did not get along.

In addition, Wittgenstein was close friends with John Maynard Keynes, and Keynes was of course a professional adversary of Hayek.

Small world.

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Micha, Fin-de-siecle Vienna


Fin-de-siecle Vienna was a small world indeed. Among the (nominally) Jewish diaspora that had fled the Nazis were, as you mentioned, Hayek, Popper and Wittgenstein - and also the art historian Ernst Gombrich. As for the 20th century's greatest philosopher - I should say that in my view, that accolade goes to either Popper (whose star I predict will rise in time) or perhaps Russell, but not Wittgenstein.