I am a... Typical Democrat

Apparently, I "hate the 'idea' of Starbucks, but go often, [I] consider the New York Times [my] bible and generally think less of people from the South. Live him or hate him, [I'm] voting for John Kerry."

See how you fare on the "Useful Voter Guide: Are You A Democrat Or A Republican?"

[via Wonkette]

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I'm supposed to vote for

I'm supposed to vote for Kerry as well. I demand a recount.

It labelled me a "middle of

It labelled me a "middle of the road independent", which apparently means that "[I] have little conviction and even less loyalty. [I] expect politicians to cater to my outsized ego. If they catch Osama, [I'll] vote for George W. Bush. However, if [I] got laid off, [I'll] vote for John Kerry."

Funny to see how those with a two-party mind perceive those without one.

Supposedly, I'm voting for

Supposedly, I'm voting for Kerry too. Actually, I'd rather give myself a bikini wax with a belt-sander.

making black and white

making black and white decisions by 'shooting' the unliked variable is a strange way to decide how to vote. or is it?