Economic Freedom of North America, 2004

This year's report is out, and it confirms what we all suspected: Canada is a dark and shackled land. Excepting Alberta, of course.

The top 10 Freest States/Provinces (considering state and federal government):

1. Delaware
2. Colorado
(tied) 3. Georgia
3. Nevada
3. New Hampshire
3. South Dakota
(tied) 7. Louisiana
7. Tennessee
7. Texas
10. Alberta

I think its interesting that Louisiana is so high on the list, given that state's legendary public corruption. Or, maybe because the state officials are so easily corruptible, its easy to bypass rules & regulations with a little garnish. I was also initially surprised to see Georgia so high on the list, but not after some reflection- Atlanta is a corrupt city run by an imperial political machine, but the rest of the state is pretty relaxed (and where Atlanta begins and ends compared to its suburban sattelites is rather fuzzy in and of itself, given the sprawl).

Question, though- why would one of the freest states send Tom Daschle, of all people, to the Senate?

(via Marginal Revolution)

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Georgia also has the

Georgia also has the cheapest gasoline prices in the country.

Gas isn't cheap here in

Gas isn't cheap here in Tennessee, but nearly everything else is. Our sales tax is high, but there's no personal income tax. Now all we need is legalized gambling and we can move even higher on the list!

Given the deafening amount

Given the deafening amount of political chatter given to Texas's educational funding problems and the priority the public has placed on finding a "solution" to the problem...I expect Texas to score lower in the years to come.