I shout out my rebel yell to the residents of tiny Killington, Vermot, who have voted to seceed from Vermont and join New Hampshire. Their next step is to get support from New Hampshire.

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Isn't NH the state whose

Isn't NH the state whose constitution recognizes a right to armed rebellion? Killington should start arming a militia right now :)

Killington is about halfway

Killington is about halfway between the New Hampshire town where I work and the Vermont town where my girlfriend will be working in a month. If their plan succeeds (which, by the way, it most certainly will NOT), we can split the distance without leaving New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is on my short

New Hampshire is on my short list of places I might want to move when finally get out of this godforsaken swamp. I need to take a fact-finding trip.

What I'd like to see is

What I'd like to see is King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Thurston Counties break off from the rest of Washington State to form their own socialist enclave and leave the rest of us in peace and free from their sociological experiments for good.

Unlikely, yes.

It's a shame too, because I

It's a shame too, because I find the Pacific Northwest very appealing, except for the heavy-handed lefty policies enacted by the governments in that area.

After doing some research, I'm convinced that New Hampshire is the freest state in the United States in a lot of ways that matter.

Yeah, it is otherwise

Yeah, it is otherwise appealing. Likewise, I feel sympathy for Oregonians not living in the Portland/Salem/Eugene areas, whose lives are jerked around by decrees issued by insulated urbanites and the Eugene collegiate crowd. And I further extend my sympathies to folks across the border in B.C., of all the places here perhaps the most appealing.

Idaho's nice. But no New Hampshire.

Isn't the Free State Project

Isn't the Free State Project in/going to NH?

I wish Killington the best

I wish Killington the best of luck, but from what I've read, the state of Vermont has to approve their transfer. Since the town is a cash cow for the state, this is unlikely. It's a wonderful statement by the town, but I am skeptical that it will amount to anything more.

But I'd be utterly delighted to be proved wrong.