New steel tariffs?

Vance at Begging to Differ points out that even though the steel tariffs have been officially ended, the price of steel has continued to rise, up 66% from the low in June. Despite the four reasons cited by most journals for the price increase, Vance says, the magnitude of the increase can only be explained by a fifth factor- domestic trade barriers left in place after the official tariffs were dropped, which amount to a new, hidden tariff on steel.

I'm a bit puzzled- can anyone point me a link explaining exactly what these stealth barriers are?

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Yeah...wouldn't the foreign

Yeah...wouldn't the foreign steel makers exporting their steel here know about tariffs or barriers.

I think the problem is univariate thinking. Everything else being constant (i.e., looking at a change in just one variable), removal of the steel tariffs means lower steel prices.

Problem is that in real world rarely is everything else constant.