See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Orthodox Union warns Passion film could weaken faith:

NEW YORK - A major Jewish American Orthodox body Tuesday warned Jews that seeing Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ," which premiers Wednesday, could weaken their faith.

"If Jews see the film and identify with the image of Jesus, they will dis-identify with their own God given Jewish identity. The result might be inner doubts about their Judaism," the executive vice president of the Orthodox Union, Rabbi Dr.Tzvi Weinreb, said in a statement. The leaders of the Orthodox Union appealed to member synagogues to prepare what they called "an antidote to the potential challenge the film will create." They said rabbis should make special efforts "to educate and further motivate our community."

Maybe if the Orthodox Jewish community didn't pressure its members into living sheltered lives, where learning about the major tenets of other religions is forbidden or at least strongly discouraged, then they wouldn't be so worried about people losing faith over a movie. And if this movie presents such a risk, maybe their faith wasn't that strong to begin with. I can't help but feel a bit of schadenfreude at those who would encourage ignorance and then get all huffy when the ignorant have trouble dealing with the world around them.

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Amen Micha.

Amen Micha.

Micha, watch movies?! Are

Micha, watch movies?! Are you some kind of Apikoras? :)

My God, this sounds like

My God, this sounds like something out of "Goodbye Columbus."