Has The Whole World Gone Crazy?

So it seems that Jews are not the only ones going absolutely batshit over Mel Gibson's new movie. Although we have been doing our part:

Other Jewish groups decided to actively protest the film. Wednesday evening, members of the Coalition for Jewish Concerns ? Amcha planned to greet Upper East Side film-goers dressed in concentration-camp uniforms. "The film is born of the same theology that gave rise to the Holocaust," said Amcha vice president Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld.

Other reactions:

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals staged a protest yesterday outside Gibson's beef cattle ranch in Columbus, Mont. And tonight, they plan to picket a 6 o'clock screening of the movie at the UA Union Square theater. The demonstration will feature a 10-foot "Jesus on stilts," and a salad of leaflets about "Christianity and Vegetarianism." A PETA rep tells us they're not opposed to Gibson's movie, but to raising cattle for food, as they claim Gibson does at his Beartooth Ranch. "We're saying 'Thou shalt not kill' to Mel Gibson," says the rep. "We're just saying people who oppose violence and injustice should extend that compassion to [all] God's creatures, and adopting a vegetarian diet is the best way to do that."

My personal favorite:

6 p.m. -- New Black Panther Party protests Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ for "wrongfully depicting Christ as a white man'"; Loews Theatre, 312 W. 34th St.

What's the feminist position on all this? Someone should tell the "The Vagina Monologues" protestors that the making of The Passion was not the result of an inclusive process.

[Much gratitude to Protocols for the PETA and Black Panther quotes]

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I watched the Ten

I watched the Ten Commandments a while back, and it seems to me that the Jews were pretty tough on their treatment of the Egyptians. They didn't exactly make the Eypytians out to be sympathic characters.

I wonder what the Amalikites, or the Caananites, or the Hittites would say about the way the Jews have historically portrayed them?