And So It Begins...

'Jews Killed Jesus' Sign Causing Controversy

Pastor Refuses To Remove Or Change Saying On Outdoor Marquee


A billboard unveiled on Ash Wednesday, the same day that a controversial movie depicting the last hours of Jesus Christ premiered, is sparking criticism from people of all faiths.

The large-size outdoor marquee, which sits on the property of the Lovingway United Pentecostal Church at Colorado and Mississippi, says, "Jews Killed The Lord Jesus" and the word "Settled!"

Of course, as everyone knows, the Jews didn't kill Jesus - Jonathan Kesselman did.

[Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the story]

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It sure would be swell to

It sure would be swell to wake up in a world where people didn't collectively punish others.

I've never figured this out, though it may be due to a long lapse between my Bible studies. But if I had a chicken in this fight, I'd be pissed at the individual ROMANS who did the sentancing and killing and torturing rather than directing all that nasty millenia-stretching anger at a mob of ancient Jews.

As someone recently said,

As someone recently said, the State killed Jesus, not any race or religious group.

And I agree with the

And I agree with the sentiment behind that, Mr. Doss, but I still assign guilt to the individual parties who deserve it.

True. Pilate's version of "I

True. Pilate's version of "I was only following orders" shouldn't be a positive defense in his case.

Damn, I wonder what would

Damn, I wonder what would have happened if Gibson had wanted to make a movie about Mohammad and Islam?

That would have really been a hysterical spectacle.