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Dammit, I don't want any of

Dammit, I don't want any of them in power. Unless Bush is going to pull some second term magic with the status of individual liberty in this country...


I'm right there with you,

I'm right there with you, but 2008 *does* freak me out a bit, assuming Bush wins. If he loses, and we get someone like Edwards (a Bill Clinton like "finger in the wind" lawyer who's not ideological but rather wants to stay in power), a spiteful Republican congress will keep him in check, and he'll keep them in check with the veto. I see Edwards as the least bad of the democratic options, and the best shot of making sure Comissar Hillary gets nowhere near the reins of power.

My college-age sister is

My college-age sister is still a fan of Hillary Clinton - scary. Still, if Edwards turns out to be a not-entirely-horrible President, what's to stop the American public from deciding, "Hey, those Democrats are all right!" and electing Hillary for President in 2008 or 2012 anyway?

I think 2012 is too far away

I think 2012 is too far away from 1992 (20 years!), and so the Clinton Mystique and the idea of the Glorious Restoration will be long-gone. 2008 will see Pres. Edwards going for re-election, and by 2012 you'll have a whole host of different issues to deal with. At any rate, Hillary's chances will be attenuated in 2012, as opposed to hitting "the perfect storm" in 2008.

well, if people would vote

well, if people would vote for some fascist caricature like her, they deserve it. the ramifications of a horrible outcome like that are scary for libertarian minded individuals, but hey, offshore banking survived her ugly megalomaniacle tenure once and it will again.

One word sums this up:

One word sums this up: strategery.

- Josh