Next week will be interesting...

I just sent the following email to the College Libertarians at Georgia Tech:

From: Micha Ghertner
To: College Libertarians
Subject: Drugs

Hey everyone,

Exciting news: Dr. Mark Thornton, a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, will be the guest speaker at our next meeting. The title of his talk will be: "Why we need to sell hard drugs to little kids."

This talk will include a discussion of prohibition from a libertarian perspective and some of the distinctive features of Austrian economics.

The event will be this Tuesday, February 24 at 6:00 p.m. room 115 of the Instructional Center.

Randall McElroy made the flyer, which we will be posting up all over Tech. Copies are available from central printing in the Rich Building, box 43, or you can print your own copies from:

If you can, please post them where you think they would be appropriate.

Now here is the kicker: on Monday, the day before the event, a big drug warrior is coming to Tech to speak about what a great job the jackbooted thugs have been doing lately. Randall and I, and any one of you who are interested, will be going to hear this guy speak, and will hopefully make our presence known by handing out these flyers.

Here is the info:

On Monday, February 23 at 7pm Student Center Theater...FREE!!!


Robert Stutman made a 25-year career as one of America's highest profile drug
busters. Approximately 5,000 investigations were launched during Mr. Stutman's
tenure with the DEA, leading to more than 15,000 arrests. One of the nations
experts on drugs, he is outspoken against ecstasy and designer drug use as
well as Marijuana legalization.

If you can't come to the Monday shindig, don't worry. But please do try to come to the Tuesday event if you can. Dr. Thornton is driving all the way down from Auburn, so I'd like to have as large a turnout as possible.

We have more exciting events planned later in the semester, so stay tuned.

Micha Ghertner
Chairman, College Libertarians at Georgia Tech
4th Year, Economics, Management, Philosophy and Pre-Law

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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Good luck.

Good luck.

I almost went to grad

I almost went to grad school, but then I came to my senses.

Wow - Are you a student at

Wow - Are you a student at Georgia Tech? I wasn't sure if this was an American blog... And I didn't know that any of the bloggers here were students. How many of you are students?

Keep up the good work here.

Randall and I are

Randall and I are undergraduate students at Georgia Tech. Most of the others are past grad school age and live in the U.S.

Why, oh why, can't I live in

Why, oh why, can't I live in Atlanta for just one day? I'd love to hear someone talk about legalization. That's one topic that seems to be verboten in Tennessee, even though this state and its citizens would reap profits like no one would believe if legalization came along. I hold out hope that one day the economic costs of the drug war will simply become to heavy a burden for the states to bear. A slim hope, I know, but I'm hanging on to it.

Jason, I'll try to post a


I'll try to post a report of the event for all those folks who couldn't make it.

Dammit, Micha, I lived in

Dammit, Micha, I lived in Atlanta for fifteen years until last year. I wish I'd known you, then. It would have been good to hoist a drink with you.

Ah, well, if you ever return

Ah, well, if you ever return to Atlanta to visit, let me know.

Micha, I can't make it to


I can't make it to Monday's Stutman talk, but I will attend the Thornton gathering. Could you perhaps post within these comments a brief, talking-points synopsis of Stutman's anti-drug rhetoric? It's probably just the standard fanfare, but I'd like to know if he says anything worthwhile. Thanks!

I'll try to post a report

I'll try to post a report summarizing both the Stutman and the Thornton events.

I just received another email advertizing Stutman. Here is what it said:

    "The fun drug", "the hug drug" -- Designer drugs have gone mainstream, and
    you can find them all over the campus. Can ecstasy kill? What is the K
    Hole? Bob Stutman will challenge his audience and make them consider how
    much they really know concerning the "highs" and "lows" of Ecstasy.
    Professional speaker Bob Stutman is the most famous narc in America
    according to New York Magazine, and he regularly appears on National TV
    including 60 Minutes, the Geraldo Rivera Show, Today, and has spoken in 73
    countries concerning drugs. President of CBS News said "Those who have
    heard [him] will never be the same on the drug issue again." Come (for
    FREE) and find out for yourself what Drug
    X is really all about.