Simulacra and Simulation

In a move that would rival even the most strident postmodernist, Will Baude interviews himself.

Okay, that's not quite fair. Maybe Amy Lamboley really wrote the questions. But still.

On another self-referential note, Will writes:

Even now, I can?t blog in a vacuum, and some large percentage of my non-literature posts are devoted to correcting or quarreling with things other people have written. There are days when I get up and discover that I can?t blog because nobody?s written anything sufficiently wrong yet today.

I've noticed the same thing about myself. I am mainly a reactionary blogger - I rarely come up with ideas for blog posts all by my lonesome; I must be prompted, usually through outrage, by the ideas and arguments of others.

Long live the parasitic bloggers - and long live our hosts.

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Funny, Micha. I had the same

Funny, Micha. I had the same reaction myself. Though I _do try_ to post proactively.