Race Shouldn't Matter

Chris Geidner doesn't approve of what the College Republicans at Rhode Island's Roger Williams University have been up to lately. No longer are they simply selling cookies in an "Affirmative Action Bake Sale." Now they are offering a whites-only scholarship:

The application for the $250 award requires an essay on "why you are proud of your white heritage" and a recent picture to "confirm whiteness."

"Evidence of bleaching will disqualify applicants," says the application, issued by the university's College Republicans.

Jason Mattera, 20, who is president of the College Republicans, said the group is parodying minority scholarships at Roger Williams and making a statement.

"We think that if you want to treat someone according to character and how well they achieve academically, then skin color shouldn't really be an option," he said. "Many people think that coming from a white background you're automatically privileged, you're automatically rich, and your parents pay full tuition. That's just not the case."

Chris complains that this tactic is "annoying and uninformed" because it is not quite the same as racial preferences given under Affirmative Action.

Chris is right. It isn't the same thing as racial preferences. However, as the group itself claims, they are "parodying minority scholarships at Roger Williams and making a statement."

Do a quick Google search and you will find multiple scholarships reserved solely for African Americans. Here is a fairly extensive list. When was the last time you heard of a whites-only scholarship? Or heard white people, other than avowed neo-Nazis, talk with pride about their white heritage? Or promote "white history month?"

I agree with Chris that this is annoying. It is annoying that instead of treating people equally or at least trying to achieve that goal, many have decided to move directly away from it, creating various separatist movements that choose to promote their own kind over those with a different skin color or ethnic background. And once they've done this, how can they possibly object to white people who do the same thing, either in seriousness or in jest?

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I guess annoying behavior

I guess annoying behavior begets annoying behavior.

yes, they've certainly lost

yes, they've certainly lost thier 'moral superiority' leverage.