Question for Lou Dobbs

From a partial transcript of Dobbs's interview with James K. Glassman:

GLASSMAN: So outsourcing, offshoring, whatever you call it, it is always called by something different during different generations -- those are the words right now. But it's trade. And it's good for the Indians and it's good for Americans.

DOBBS: OK. Let's assume that trade is good, because here no one has argued otherwise.

But what we have argued is that trade that is not mutual, mutually beneficial, doesn't make a lot of sense.

If trade not mutually beneficial, then why do businesses do it?

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Glad to see Glassman get

Glad to see Glassman get involved. Not so glad to see Dobbs rely on the "but X million Americans are unemployed!" arguement.

"Let's assume that trade is

"Let's assume that trade is good"

"[Trade that isn't mutually beneficial doesn't make a lot of sense]"

Well he's right about that, and neither does he.

By what conceivable standard could trade be "good", other than mutual benefit?

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