My Name is Mr. Libertarian...

In an interesting article from March 2003 but still relevant to a large percentage of the libertarian movement, Jonathan Rauch discusses the task of caring for your introvert. While he does not theorize, I'm sure that some of our readers will feel right at home.

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Having been raised

Having been raised Christian, naturally I blame it all on Christianity. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" is a formula for extroverts to drive off all the introverts and libertarians. If we instead had a religion that said, "bloody well refrain from doing unto others, you clumsy and ill-mannered bastard," we'd be a lot more open both to introverts and libertarians.

Find me that religion and you've got your first jihadi right here.

My mother always used to

My mother always used to tell me when I was little that I would one day be glad that I have the ability to entertain myself, because people who need other people in order to be entertained will never be as self-sufficient. She was probably right, althought that knowledge didn't make jr. high any easier for me. I think that's where the problem starts, in schools, where if you want to eat lunch alone and read a book, teachers assume you're lonely and try to "help' you. It makes us quieter types feel from the start like there's something wrong with us, and that persists into adulthood.