The Washington Cash Cow

Stephen Moore's commentary in the Detroit News last week brilliantly outlines some of the frustrations among fiscal conservatives with the Bush Administration. In this one column, he covers the issues of taxation, government employment, socialized medicine, public pre-school, and the NEA. Many of the wide-ranging statistics he provides are quite alarming. A must read.

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So why in God's name is

So why in God's name is Moore launching lame culture war attacks on Howard Dean?

Good point. I fully

Good point.

I fully understand his economic-based attack on Dean (and Bush), but I could care less if Dean drives Volvos, drinks lattes, and eats sushi. Moore may not have directly written the Iowa ad, but I'd be disappointed if he approved the text, which I'd assume he did. Portions of that ad, which appear to target social conservatives, are certainly out of step with someone who's an advocate of free-market choice.

I thought the ad was uber

I thought the ad was uber bizarre myself, however if you wish to beat a candidate you do what you can...