Separated at Birth? Or Just the Same Hair Stylist?

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Dennis Kucinich is coming to Georgia Tech later today. Is there anything I should ask him?

Other than how he gets his wig to stay put?

Update: The hair piece is not going over well with the Marxists:

Frivolously, I am put off Kucinich by what appears to be a most unfortunate toupee. It seems inconsistent with historical materialism, or any form of political
realism, for a bloke to wear a wig. Is there some reason for it other than vanity
and a lack of self-awareness? (Artificially-haired Republican fruitcakes like Lott,
I can understand, I suppose, although his hairpiece looks as though it has been
transplanted from the rear end of a living buffalo.)

The people have spoken.

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Is it just me, or does

Is it just me, or does Kucinich remind anyone else of that twisted little circus midget (you know, the one with the German accent) on The Simpsons?

You should ask him about his

You should ask him about his performance as Cleveland mayor.

What did he do as

What did he do as mayor?

Also, I've heard he has waffled on abortion. But that doesn't really interest me.

What did he do as

What did he do as mayor?

Nearly ran us into bankruptcy.

- Josh

Like Josh said. More

Like Josh said. More specifically put Cleveland in default.