Do as I say, not as my friends do

The New York Post reports that "butt-banning Mayor Bloomberg" was seen "sitting passively at his table during a black-tie dinner while all around him smokers puff away on stogies".bloomberg.jpg

And Bloomberg - whose smoke police have cited Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter and others for simply harboring empty ashtrays, and who boasts he regularly calls 311 to report potholes and litter-strewn lots - didn't raise a finger in protest.

Where's the consistency? Shouldn't he have stood-up for the lungs of the non-smoking diners at the event? Wasn't he offended by the smoke? Shouldn't he have asked each smoker to extinguish their cigars? If they failed to comply, shouldn't he have extinguished them for them, or have them fined? Or would that have been too much? Too forceful?

Resorting to force in real life, in response to personal "problems", isn't typically viewed as an acceptable solution. It's curious that in matters of public policy it's viewed as just that.

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