Collective Action vs. Collectivism

Sunday night, I along with millions of Americans took part in an annual tradition all across the country - the Super Bowl Party. The Super Bowl Party is unique in that its focus is often not on the game itself. Yes, this year's game was one of the most exciting ever, but history has shown that more often than not, the matchup is lopsided, and the action on the field is often superceded by the new commericials that are debuted. More than anything though, the Super Bowl Party is simply... a party. Friends get together to share good times and enjoy each others' company. Most people who attend and take part in the festiviteis do not even follow professional football partake in the festivities.

Individualism is often misunderstood as a

The state is not society, and therein lies the misunderstanding. The state is defined by a monopoly on violence, whie civil society is defined by voluntary action. Individuals that make up the state, in the best case scenario, can do things you and I cannot do, like lock up people in metal boxes.


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