Instead of the Superbowl

This past Sunday a group of space enthusiasts gathered at a restaraunt in San Jose, California. The whole purpose was to talk about NASA, Columbia, the future in space, and our own experiences watching Columbia re-enter the atmosphere for the last time. Several of the videographers and photagraphers who recorded the progression of Columbia across the western United States were present.

Some of the videographers and photographers of Columbia's reentry

These guys got up at "oh-dark-thirty" and found good viewing spots. The early witnesses did not notice anything unusual until returning home and watching their videos. Later witnesses noticed odd things but did not realize the seriousness of what they saw until much later. We watched their videos and looked at their photos. It was while watching and listening to this video by Chris Valentine that I realized just how disconnected NASA was from reality. The video is a composite of Houston Mission Control audio with the various videos, from the amateurs over California and Nevada, to the news crew in Texas. The world knew that Columbia had broken up while Mission Control was still oblivious.

The final investigaton report details the organizational problems that led to the accident, and suggests ways to fix it. Reality, as most Austrian school and public choice economists can tell you, is that the only re-organization that will work is to get rid of NASA. The organization has evolved to suit political means and ends and nothing can change it. Socialist organizations are always disconnected from reality due to their very nature.

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