Cruel and unusual - or the ideal vacation?

Beth Plocharczyk, Brock Sides, and Will Baude have been discussing whether or not Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik's proposal for prison reform is cruel and unusual:

Given the opportunity, Michael would like to change one aspect of prison life to increase the safety of the people guarding them. Instead of allowing them to lift weights and exercise several hours per day (making them violent AND powerful), Michael would require them to remain in bed all day for the first month, and twelve hours per day after that. This lack of activity would allow their muscles to atrophy, making them helpless couch potatoes incapable of inflicting very much violence on each other, the guards, or unsuspecting citizens should they manage to escape. Michael also likes the idea of requiring them to submit one book report a week, encouraging them to strengthen their minds instead of their bodies.

Far from being cruel and unusual, this is my ideal vacation. No responsibilities, lots of sleep, a few good books - complete vegetation. What could be better?

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Oooh, gotta be careful with

Oooh, gotta be careful with this one, or we'll end up creating an incentive for people like us to become criminals. (I think I'll try piracy... Arr!)

By this theory, we should

By this theory, we should let the prisoners smoke as much as they want. Maybe even give them free cigarettes.

Then we would have the vexing problem of how to keep the prisoners from smuggling cigarettes out of prison.