World of Warcraft Beta Test

Registration for the World of Wordcraft Beta Test has begun. For those of you with too much free time, sign up here.

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No. NO. NOOO DAMMIT!! I will

No. NO. NOOO DAMMIT!! I will not....must not succumb...

Whew! No linux client. I'm safe. :)

Did somebody mention too

Did somebody mention too much much free time?

I don't know that my machine could adequately handle the game (XP 2000+, Radeon 9000, 256 MB).

With the recent departure of Allen Adham (another casualty of Vivendi Universal's poor management style), I'm wondering how long Blizzard as we know it will survive.

Warcraft is pure, undiluted,

Warcraft is pure, undiluted, Satanic poison. Shame on all of you weak-willed automatons.

Oh, and me too.