Cost-Benefit Analysis of Libertarians

From an article linked to by Amy Lamboley:

Here?s the breakdown: On the negative side, Libertarians are crazy. Most became Libertarians because they have some social quirk that disallows them from participation in normal society ? picture excessive drug use, Dungeons and Dragons play or fascination with the word ?metrosexual,? for instance. They are strange. You can?t take them home to your parents, unless, of course, your parents are members of some druid cult. They frighten small children.

On the positive side, they may be weird, but at least they want to leave you alone. Putting most politicians in office is like putting Michael Jackson in charge of a day care facility ? they might not do anything wrong, but you feel pretty uncomfortable leaving them alone.

Sounds about right to me. I'll be back to blogging later today, right after I get a pedicure, level-up my Elvish Wizard, smoke a bowl of crack, and permanently dye my skin blue. Busy day, as usual.

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You'll have more time for

You'll have more time for pedicures, crack & dyeing your skin blue if you pick up Progress Quest. It makes leveling up so much simpler!

Hey, "metrosexual" or no,

Hey, "metrosexual" or no, don't knock pedicures until you've had one! I've never understood the tendency of many males to deny themselves such fleshly pleasures.

Real libertarians gave up on

Real libertarians gave up on D&D and created their own RPG.

Excuse me while I go get a liquid lunch with "normal" people.


Unfortunately, there will be

Unfortunately, there will be no real Libertarian candidate for president in 2004.

Hmm. Perhaps my thoughts are different because I've been involved in the local LP somewhat, but the first counter-example that comes to mind is Michael Badnarik. I believe he won the Iowa libertarian caucus.

"I'd be a Libertarian, but

"I'd be a Libertarian, but they have too many rules." -- Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of Illuminatus!

This woman's just pissed

This woman's just pissed because all of us laughed when her 3rd level female Ranger was killed by a drunken half-orc.

- Josh

Libertarians are actually

Libertarians are actually the polar-opposite of socialists. Socialists want no private sector to exist anywhere in society (Can you say dictatorship?) while Libertarians want no government to exist anywhere to regualte anything (Can you say Corporate dictatorship?) The middle of the road is what the US currently has, which is corrupt, but better that what an all Socialist or all Libertarian system would give us. Socialists don't want any movies made that don't glorify Communism and the Revolution, and Libertarians would be content to let drug dealers and child porn distributers sell their filth at the front gates to Disney World. As you can see, both groups are ignorant elitist retards who have their heads up their asses when it comes to the issue of "free speech" as well as the government's role in regulating stuff. Fuck both of them.

re: "while Libertarians want

re: "while Libertarians want no government to exist anywhere to regualte anything"

Libertarian does not equal anarchist.