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Federal judge rules part of Patriot Act unconstitutional

It angers me that this was passed in the first place. It further angers me that it was not made available to Congress while being debated and voted on, so that most of the people who voted for it had no idea what they were getting us into (and still further that many would have supported it anyway).

What's most heartbreaking is that I'm left celebrating when, after taking ten steps back, we take one step forward. And yet this is the world we live in, and any reduction of tyrannical power is a cause for celebration. Here's hoping the rest of the act and all its predecessors eventually find their way to the scrap heap.

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Ooh, you beat me to this one

Ooh, you beat me to this one Randall, I was going to post it. My thought when I saw that headline was "Part? PART of it is unconstitutional? ALL of it is! YEAGH!"

Here is another way the

Here is another way the Patriot Act makes us safer...

Of course, it's just an unintended consequence of telling everyone to keep their Social Security numbers secret, and simultaneously asking everyone to reveal it to bankers and merchants so their identity can be confirmed.

Part of the problem with the

Part of the problem with the SSN is that people act like it's password, but they pass it around like a username, to borrow the metaphor of computer security. How can you simultaneously keep something secret, and reveal it to almost everyone you conduct business with? And you can't change it. Security is impossible with the SSN.