The Technology of Freedom

Along with crypto, wireless networks are a major technology of mass decentralization. A new wireless standard with an effective range of 50km is about to roll out. Those hoary old monopolists in the land-line telephone business ought to be shaking in their boots.

Link via SlashDot.

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very cool. looks like it

very cool. looks like it will take about 2 years before we truly realize it. It will be interesting to see how the technology will handle going through brick walls. I didn't quite understand the statement that it is a "point-to-multipoint" technology.

One thing they didn't discuss is the possibility of high-speed internet on your laptop while you're in the plane. Now that would be awesome! Sure the guys in the boonies can surf the net as well.

Point-to-multipoint might

Point-to-multipoint might mean, and I'm just guessing here, that it works with spontaneous networks created through a collection of user nodes who all happen to be in range of each other. I think most wireless standards already have this feature, but only when you enable it.