Stossel on 20/20

Anyone who caught John Stossel on 20/20 last Friday night, was treated to an excellent one-hour episode entitled "Lies, Myths and Downright Stupidity". In it he debunked his top 10 myths (and promoted his new book):

stossel.jpg10. Getting Cold Can Give You a Cold
9. We Have Less Free Time Than We Used To
8. American Families Need Two Incomes
7. Money Can Buy Happiness
6. Republicans Shrink the Government
5. The Rich Don't Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes
4. Chemicals Are Killing Us
3. Guns are Bad
2. We're Drowning in Garbage
1. Things are Getting Worse

Stossel's message is super. His style is wonderful. He challenges commonly-held beliefs in a plain-spoken manner, with simple facts, figures, and interviews.

You've heard, from time to time, the argument that criminals don't obey gun control laws, and so these laws mostly disarm the public. John Stossel backs up this argument by interviewing hard-time convicts in a NJ prison. They tell him point-black that they don't care what the law is. If they want a gun, they can go out and get one. Moreover, they tell him that their number-one worry is not the police, but an armed victim.

His reliance on interviews with real people is key. Looking into the eyes of a criminal, and hearing his side is compelling.

Numbers 6 and 5 were also especially good. For #6 he interviewed a Republican official from Alaska, and caught her unable to defend pork-barrel spending in her state. At one point she was speechless, then gave up!

For #5 he interviewed Al Sharpton. Sharpton was claiming that the top 1% of Americans pay less than 5% (or 10% a minute later) of all taxes. Stossel informed him that the IRS tells us they actually pay 34% of all taxes, and Sharpton didn't bat an eye.

Time and again Stossel manages to deliver pro-liberty messages on national television in plain english. He's a rarity.

Warning: John's segments don't air every week, and are often accompanied by "normal" news magazine stories. Sometimes he even covers "normal" news stories. I've found I can minimize my exposure to these shows by subscribing to his email list which informs me when his segments (like "Give Me a Break!") will air.

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and he has a cool mustache!

and he has a cool mustache!

he an anomoly. i liked the

he an anomoly. i liked the guy the first time i saw his show and i don't know why, because i usually hate television people. he won't last. as soon as he pisses someone off above him it'll be 'john is spending more time with his family' etc.

I just recieved an

I just recieved an invitation/solicitation in the mail from Cato about a luncheon in February in which Stossel will be the guest speaker. I plan on attending.