Huh? What Planet Are You From?

Sometimes someone says something so surprising, so counterintuitive, so clearly wrong, that I don't even know where to begin in response.

Perusing this thread on Crooked Timber, I came across the following post by someone named "wcw."

the natural state of being, if there is such a thing, is as hunter-gatherer. hunter-gatherers, while bereft of DVDs, are well-fed, healthy, and do on average very little work to sustain their existence every day.

now, the last thing I want to sound like is some sort of primitivist. I love cities and hot running water and rock music and Chaim Soutine. still, it?s pretty well-established that scarcity and want are not natural states for human beings, and never were.

Huh? Are we not living on the same planet? Did we not study the same history books? Did both of our economics textbooks not begin by defining economics as "the social science which examines how people choose to use limited or scarce resources in attempting to satisfy their unlimited wants"?

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