Search Warrant Sold Separately


Am I the only one who finds this toy a little weird? I think it's the gnarly kicked-in-door playset that really gives me the willies.


UPDATE: Yes, Andy, it's totally serious. The manufacturer also makes Spider, the Punk Thug, so the tots can set up an exciting drug-bust tableau in the rec room. On the same site, you can also find a Pope Innocent III action figure. Why? I do not know.

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Awesome! I see an action

Awesome! I see an action figure set such as this as useful for instructional purposes. See, were I to purchase this toy, I'd finally have for my son a physical representation of the State summarized. The uses I could find for a toy like this are neverending. Short of playing "Bad Drug War" with the thing, I could use it as a festive decorative book-end for my collection of books on liberty.

Ugh. Someone tell me this

Ugh. Someone tell me this is not serious. Please.

SWAT Pointman Drug Busting

SWAT Pointman Drug Busting Figure - Dusty Trail Toys

This figure is from series 1 by Dusty Trail Toys. With split second timing the point man explodes through the door, splintering the frame. Like a cat he slinks into the apartment, weapon at the ready, prepared to dispatch the criminal element within. Whether the scum bags are just hanging out or locked and loaded, his job is to make sure he's the last man standing.

You see, it's ok because he's fighting "scum bags."

Does the Ann Coulter Action

Does the Ann Coulter Action Figure know about this?

And where's the Elian

And where's the Elian Gonzalez Closet-Hideaway Playset?

Toys that teach kids to view

Toys that teach kids to view black-uniformed jackboots in body armor as the "good guys"--what next, a comic newsreel about the torture of prisoners at Gitmo?

It's like we're already living in the world of "Starship Troopers."