Quotables from the dark side

Here are a couple random quotes from a thread today on Democratic Underground, a website and message board popular among Democrats and leftists:

A little tip on how to socialize health care...

Obviously, health care cannot be free. But we can put more of the costs on those who make more money. They may not want to pay more, but we can MAKE THEM pay more.

And when, exactly, are affluent people going to start paying taxes? According to this contributor, these "bastards" receive all these government goodies but don't pay anything for them. Here's how this poster would run things...

Keep the taxes reasonable, the people fed and educated and employed, those who earn the most give back the most, and then I'd feel for the affluent as much as I feel for the poor and working classes. Right now, it's all for them and the rest of be damned. America gives these bastards a lot and they still ask for more. (they also ask for government to provide services but don't expect to pay a damn penny for them.)

Scary stuff.

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I call them the Democratic

I call them the Democratic Underbelly.