Going to the Moon and Mars

James Lileks has a dream that John T. Kennedy, Billy Beck, Tibor Machan, and I dislike. (How's that for understatement!). Rather than restate their arguments, I will mention that I am in total agreement and concentrate on my own vision for going to the Moon and Mars.

Man will return to the moon and go to Mars, on his own dime, by his own toil, guided by his own vision. The trip will cost much less than a NASA, or any other state funded, space program would cost. He will not make the journey only a few times then give up. Most importantly he will need only one reason for doing it - "I want to."

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An article in this week's

An article in this week's Economist reaches the same conclusion...

Go Dave! And send me a

Go Dave!

And send me a postcard.

People will go to space when

People will go to space when and where they can make money doing so. As it should be.

Qiwi, don't conflate money

Qiwi, don't conflate money and profit. There are some individuals who believe being as far as possible from D.C. is profit enough. (Of course if I can make money at it so much the better ;-))