Reductio ad Onion

The authors were trying to make some clever point about the obvious deficiencies of capitalism, I'm sure, but this is still the best plan for Iraq's reconstruction I've ever seen.

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if handing out money carte

if handing out money carte blanche is so obviously comically stupid, then why do bleeding hearts, liberals, and altruists apply it to almost every problem they see? why is it funny when they are poking capitalism, but dead serious when they want to hand billions to some other idiots and losers? as is typical, they are total hypocrytes. its a variation on every concept they cannot grasp about free markets.
(and yes , i know it was a comic article.)

It it far better than

It it far better than anything on the table. The only thing I'd change? I wouldn't give them the $87 billion.

Because the money doesnt go

Because the money doesnt go to the *people*-people, silly, its goes to the people-designates, the brahmins and mandarins that do what the people *need* doing (since the people are too dumb to do it themselves). UNless its a tax break, in which case it must follow the Onion model...

whats the difference between

whats the difference between helicopter money, and giving them free infrastructure? its unearned and unappreciated. its the worlds biggest indian reserve, next to canada. its so stupid its funny. the connection isn't obvious at first, but the more you think about it the more you realize this is exactly what democrats propose with every problem. free stuff for the undeserving.

Is there even a remote

Is there even a remote chance the joke was that big government types would never do such a thing - in other words, was the article simply absurdist? The reason I ask is that Qiwi says the article was "trying to make a point about the obvious deficiencies of capitalism," but in my years of reading the Onion I've never been able to pin them down to a particular philosophical bent (other than what Brooke Oberwetter phrases as "laugh so you don't cry"). Does humor about capitalism necessarily have to be an attack on capitalism?

no its a funny article, just

no its a funny article, just like like a lot of stuff on there. it just got me onto another track. the onion is the greatest source of news in the world. i don't think they could be pinned down, nothing is sacred.

JTK--you said it. Jonathan,

JTK--you said it.

Jonathan, I think the humor on the Onion is often so deadpan that it's impossible to know exactly what they're making fun of. I got a subtle sense that they were mocking capitalism from lines like this:

"I'm very excited," Ahmed Allawi said. "A free, unregulated market will swiftly and efficiently lead to the establishment of an array of fairly priced goods and services. Any day now, there should be something available to spend this money on. As for today, the open-air market down the street is still on fire."

Generally, the pieces I find funniest are the ones that seem to confirm my biases, such as 'Marxists' Apartment A Microcosm of Why Marxism Doesn't Work'. Overall, though, I detect just a whiff of leftism on the Onion--as I do on the Daily Show--though it might leak over from A.V. Club, and it may be in my imagination.

It just makes me sigh. They make jokes about Don Rumsfeld unleashing the unholy power of free-market capitalism on Iraqis, and I just wish we could get some of that up in here.

I don't think you could get

I don't think you could get $87b out of it, but I think a better alternative to the state giving the money is to bankrupt the personal fortunes of the Bushes, Cheneys, and Rumsfelds, and to dismantle the military-industrial complex corporations who backed this war. Take the money from liquidating their assets, and give THAT to the Iraqi people.

- Josh