I Knew I Didn't Like Clark

CNN.com reports that Michael Moore supports Wesley Clark. Moore, the rich and pampered progressive best known for his wildly tendentious and only slightly factual "documentaries" and books, declared that while he'd support any of the major seven Democratic candidates who aren't Joe Lieberman over Bush, he believes the best chance of beating Bush is with Clark. Fortunately for him, he also thinks Clark is strongest across the board on issues, for example

[H]e's going to go out there and tell middle America what we need to do in terms of cutting the Pentagon budget, of standing up for the rights of working people, affirmative action, nondiscrimination against gays and lesbians.

Take that, middle America, you and your bourgeois values, you exploiters of working people.

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I know I don't like any of

I know I don't like any of them... presidential candidates, that is.

Clark also has Madonna and

Clark also has Madonna and Ted Danson on board.