Tax A or Tax B

The Associated Press conducted a poll to gauge opinion about the proposed expenditure on the space program. The poll contained five questions with a sample size of 1,000. One of the questions read as follows:

On the whole, do you think our investment in space research is worthwhile or do you think it would be better spent on domestic programs such as health care and education?

This question is just begging for a third choice. Despite my personal interest in astronomy and space exploration, what came to mind immediately was a None Of The Above selection which, of course, didn't exist among the choices. The question is posed in such a way that it's already a given that the billions of tax dollars will be collected and spent. It's unfortunate that so few people consider that the money shouldn't be extracted to begin with. The choice is either NASA or the Department of Education. Take your pick.

Moreover, the poll illustrates how party politics determines if it’s 'acceptable' to tax and spend. It's quite telling that a number of people aren't particularly bothered by the principle of a given federal expenditure, but the party affiliation of those sponsoring said expenditure.

It made a difference who was said to be behind the plan. When half the poll sample was asked about a "Bush administration" plan to expand space exploration instead of the "United States" plan, opposition increased.

Just over half of Democrats' opposed the plan by "the United States." Once it was identified as a "Bush administration" plan, Democrats opposed it by a 2-to-1 margin.

Ah, partisan politics.

I think Neal Boortz made a good point this morning about polls and the majority-rules mindset in this country:

Generally polls bother me. Polls tell us what the majority wants. I don't care what the majority wants. This country is not now and never was supposed to be a democracy. Bluntly stated... the masses are asses. Give me the rule of law over the rule of man any day.

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It's kind of like when

It's kind of like when Kucinich calls himself a pacifist, and then talks about how all the money spent on war could be better be spent on education, health care, etc. Gosh, it sure would be a shame if all that money collected at gunpoint by uniformed jackboots were spent on something *violent*!