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The telling part of

The telling part of Matthew's quote is in the first paragraph; ..."we should delegate child-rearing responsibilities to parents' children."

He thinks that 'we' already own rights to the children, and may delegate tham as 'we' see fit. Whether that we is society as a whole or an enlightened portion of society is not clear by the article.

You might be interested in

You might be interested in the debate that is going on here:

Standford Prof. Rob Reich espouses beliefs similar to Yglesias (though a bit more libertarian (I think)).

Um, to the original topic,

Um, to the original topic, wasn't the No Doubt song referenced a cover, Talk Talk's composition originally? No matter, I can't help but agree with the sentiment, and if Gwen Stefani identifies with those lyrics, fantastic.

And any excuse for posting a photo of said So-Cal native is a good one.