Vote war criminal

Among all of the garbage taught in public schools these days, one of the worst ideas is that democracy is a preferred form of government, or that it was what the Founders desired. After years of brainwashing, I often used to conflate democracy and liberty without realizing that one is fundamentally incompatible with the other. The lessons of the recent Serbian general election illustrate one of the many drawbacks of democracy.

Preliminary results show the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party, led by former Serb paramilitary commander Vojislav Seselj, won 81 seats in Sunday's vote, becoming the biggest party in the 250-seat parliament.

Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic also won a seat in parliament. Milosevic is on trial at The Hague, charged with genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in the Balkans in the 1990s.

Like Milosevic, Seselj is also facing a war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

Let me repeat for emphasis: both of these guys are suspected war criminals. And they have achieved success in the election. And before you counter that those who voted for them are somehow "irrational" or "uneducated" or ignorant of their long term survival, let me assure you that most know exactly what they want and are pursuing the best strategy to obtain it. They want power, and they want control over their fellow man. Voting for these thugs gives them a chance to have it. The political apparatus is the machinery they hope to capture to use to reach their goals. Democracy is the means.

I have no doubt that many in the Bush administration believe that simply holding elections will somehow magically transform Iraq into a free country. They are wrong.

The reason the West has been free and properous is not because people periodically pull levers. It's because there exists (for now) some semblance of respect for the rights to life, liberty, and property, and a mechanism, albeit flawed, to enforce them. These rights are the cornerstone of voluntary interactions, economic growth, and long term prosperity. They may be written down in constitutions, but in the end, their conservation is the business and burden of civil society. Ultimately, only a culture of liberty, not a periodic auction of stolen goods and a monopoly on violence, can be their safeguard.

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Yet another reason not to

Yet another reason not to vote Milosevic: he's a socialist.

Yet another reason not to vote socialist: everything Milosevic is accused of doing was done in accordance with his socialist conscience.

And some irony for you: Wesley Clark recently gave testimony at Milosevic's trial.

I agree completely with your

I agree completely with your point. Democracy does not equal liberty, and the latter must always take precedence over the former.

However, I just wonder what Milosevic did that was so wrong that the leaders of the so-called "Republic" of Turkey didn't do! Is killing 50000 Kurds okay while killing 500 Kosovars is not? Not to mention the 700 civilians killed in Afghanistan by the coalition. Civilians die in war; it's a fact of life. By these standards all politicians are war criminals.

"I just wonder what

"I just wonder what Milosevic did that was so wrong that the leaders of the so-called "Republic" of Turkey didn't do!"

Simple: he lost.

"By these standards all

"By these standards all politicians are war criminals."

That sounds about right to me.

Milosevic encouraged the

Milosevic encouraged the serb militias to slaughter Bosnians (croat & muslim alike), set the Yugoslav (read: Serbian) army on the "breakaway" republic of Croatia, slaughtering thousands, and then used the Yugo/Serb army to support the serb militias in Bosnia after the Croatians started building tanks and pushed the Serbs out of Krajina (a serb-majority enclave in Croatia that, nevertheless, Serbia proper invaded).

He did a lot more than kill a few hundred Kosovars.

the 'did a lot more' part is

the 'did a lot more' part is interesting. what exactly does one have to do (numbers wise) to be nailed with that title by the media? does it depend on what side your on? was menachem begin ever tried as a war criminal? just curious.

Qiwi, my sentiments

Qiwi, my sentiments exactly!

Brian, you could also say that and more about two dozen other nation states, including nauseatingly enough the "Republic" of Turkey who outside of the US was the leading bomber of Serbia! Why not go after Castro or Musharraf - after all what they've done is a thousand times worse. The Clinton administration's focus on Serbia was absolutely nonsensical and almost perverse - and it was all done to please the fascist, Christianity hating Turkish regime, the worthy descendents of Mongol horde.